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Love is in the Wear  

Mother Earth is Calling Us To Care

Why RTZ (Race-To-Zero) Wool?

It all started with an intention that I made back in 2015, that I wanted my scarves and fashion apparel to be made with natural, energy efficient and earth-friendly materials. Seeing that I was painting on a leaf just so I could bring out its natural textures and colors, it was only natural that I choose natural materials for my artwork to shine through.

Very soon, unexpected and incredible doors started opening and my intention started growing wings...

I began running into, having long conversations with and ultimately collaborating with passionate, small businesses from around the world, who not only understood my passion, but were racing ahead with it through leaps and bounds.

One such small business story that truly touched my heart and took the shape of my artistic winter scarves was this one, that I fondly call: ¨RTZ Wool¨ or ¨Chicken Feather Wool¨.

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