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We Give Art a Soul


When people ask me what kind of an artist I am, I answer simply:

I am Intuitive, Imaginative, and Interactive…

After more than a decade of creating art for those who are looking for that extra special something in their lives, I believe that being an artist is all about creating inspirational experiences. Some to satisfy one´s situation that they are in and others to last a lifetime.

  • A ¨Pablo Mi Vida¨ (Pablo, My Life) artistic scarf for a buyer, who wanted to express her undying love for her loved one;

  • A monogrammed intuitive scarf for my client´s Mom for her special day;

  • An intuitive art with birds and nature, converted into a personalized scarf for that special bird lover friend;

  • Custom-made ¨DNA¨ design scarves and neckties for the Director of Neurology at the Harvard Medical College, as christmas gifts for her beloved team;

I believe that I have found my IKIGAI (life purpose) in my artwork.


Hi! My name is Anu Nadimpalli. I am an artist, poet, author, creative entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of 3am Inspirations. I pride myself in uplifting people and professionals by infusing Art as a captivating expression of their brand.

My journey started off in the field of design. With a diploma, a postgraduate degree and more than a decade of work experience as an interior and architectural designer, my career would have continued as such, just as so many other professionals like me. However, a life-threatening episode at age 35 was what catapulted me into this, my second chance in life. I believe that I was born with a fierce ´pollyanna´ spirit. At 42, I started experimenting with painting and photography to create:

¨An Intuitive, Imaginative and Interactive Art Experience¨

I believe that my master’s in architecture, back in 2001, laid the foundation for my entire philosophy of life. Whatever I create, it is exclusively for my clients and users to live, breathe and experience. The colors, textures, the feel, everything is custom-made for them. And that same philosophy continues even today with my personalized and monogrammed scarves and fashion apparel.

Art becomes Wearable, Livable & Collectable

  • Whenever Monique wears her favorite ¨SERENITY¨ silk scarf as she is imparting her priceless knowledge in front of thousands around the world, she relishes her feeling of self confidence and joy that comes with it. (You can see her expressing that joy in her video testimonial here.)

  • Every time Ann wears her purple personalized ¨DNA¨ scarf in front of her students, colleagues, patients and family in Boston, USA, she feels proud educating and empowering those around her about epilepsy and its treatment. (You can see her soulful expressions in her video testimonial here.)

  • Veronica, even today, celebrates her artistic ¨HARBINGER OF SUCCESS¨ silk scarf as she wears it around in her hometown in Peru, because she knows that she is wearing a work of art. And that she feels like a success when she wears it. (You can see her express her happiness in her video testimonial right here.)

Women Who Inspire  Silk Scarves

A Crown Jewels scarf dedicated to my dearest sister,  friend, advisor, confidant and a sweet and gentle human being, Martie Helweg , whom I lost to the angels on May 7th, 2023...


A Woman In A Hurry scarf that reminds me of all the ´hurrying´ woman in my life, who are always hurrying from one task to another, from one person to another, from one year to another, serving, curing, loving and caring selflessly all their lives...


A My Divine Mother scarf that showed me my source, my Divine Mother in one of my paintings one day...

Women Who Inspire is a bespoke artistic cruelty-free silk scarves online store, created BY women FOR women around the world, who inspire and want to be inspired.

A lot of the time, it is also about being  Mother Nature Inspired. I paint on a leaf, among other media, and love to bring out its beautiful texture and relief.


All our artistic scarves and fashion apparel are sourced from certified earth-friendly sources around the world with materials such as cruelty-free ¨Eri¨ Silk;  Silk Charmeuse; 15% Silk / 85% beechwood Modal Silk; 100% Habotai Silk; Eco-Poly Silky Knit; Eco-Poly Light and Medium Weight Soft Jersey, Knit Bamboo Fabric, Chicken Feather Wool, etc.

¨I paint on a dried leaf.

I love its texture and relief.

I take it further and let it morph.

I turn it into an ´Eri´ silk scarf. ¨

Love is in the Wear        

     Nature & Art: We´re a Pair

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