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Love is in the Wear  

Mother Nature is Calling Us To Care

Why Cruelty-Free Silk?

It was by chance one day, a few years ago, that I came across this piece on the preparation of silk. Something the guy said both surprised and troubled me. Until then, I had not known that silkworms were actually boiled to death after releasing their batch of silk.


The story was somewhere in the northeastern states of India, located on the foothills of the Himalayas. Here, the silk production was happening in a manner that was non-violent and cruelty-free to the silkworms. Simply put, the silkworms were not being killed off. They were allowed to live out their natural lifespan.


It was farming in a Circular Economy: Rearing Silkworms From Egg to Fabric.

From that moment I knew that this was what I was seeking all along.

I was already painting on a leaf and was producing my scarves and fashion apparel on sustainable earth-friendly materials like eco-polyester, bamboo fiber, etc. all done in a waste-free process on demand that prevents overstock and deadstock.


What can be more inspiring than taking my art experience journey up by leaps and bounds and converting my artwork into an ¨Eri¨ Silk Scarf! This became my ultimate goal for me, especially for my Women Who Inspire Collection. My quest has taken a few years since my original intention, but I feel that I have finally come close to accomplishing my mission in life.

Today, I am the proud and humble SME Climate Hub United Nations Race-To-Zero accelerator. I currently create sustainable fashion on commission alongside my own collection that can be found in my website and elsewhere.

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