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Why Sustainability Is Luxury


I have often questioned the modern obsession with luxury, the relentless pursuit of the next best thing that is supposed to fill up our lives and our wardrobes with more than we could ever need or use. Today, I invite you to reconsider the concept of what luxury could mean to us as a society.


What if luxury is not about possessing, but about experiencing? What if it is about savouring the warmth of a cruelty-free silk scarf around your neck, knowing that its creation did not harm a single creature? What if this same scarf originated as a beautiful artwork that celebrates a woman who has inspired you, someone who has contributed to society in a meaningful way? I have been very fortunate to have been blessed with people like that, starting with my parents, my family and my friends, who have been inspiring role models for me, in my gradual learning experience, that has been my life.


In my art, I aim to help my consumers transform the way they perceive luxury, moving from fast fashion to slow appreciation. I want to replace the short-lived thrill of buying ´the latest´ with the enduring satisfaction that could only be experienced though meaningful connections and celebrates the story it tells, to the world around us and the world within. After all, isn’t that a deeper and extraordinary lasting luxury?

I was already painting on a leaf and was producing my scarves and fashion apparel on sustainable earth-friendly materials like eco-polyester, bamboo fiber, etc. all done in a waste-free process on demand that prevents overstock and deadstock.


Every time you drape one of my creations around your shoulders, you are not just wearing a piece of fabric; you are wearing a piece of art, a story, and a commitment. You are wearing a reminder of a woman who inspires, who strives for change, who embodies strength and grace. You are wearing a token of our shared responsibility towards this planet and its inhabitants.

With each luxurious wrap, let us together create a wearable, livable and collectable piece of treasure on earth.                            


Love is in the Wear  

Mother Nature is Calling Us To Care

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