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Fall is my favorite time. It is when I fall in love with the falling leaves.

Fall is my inspiration to paint. It is when my falling leaves show me the beauty of life.

Fall is when nature surprises me. It is when my leaves come alive with flaming hues.

Fall is when it's time to take the plunge. It is when I fall for the extraordinary embedded in the ordinary.

Fall is when I invite You too. It is time when we rediscover the treasure that awaits me and you.
Welcome to an Intuitive, Imaginative and Interactive Art Experience. My paintings begin on leaf, plate and any surface that I feel comfortable painting on.
My brushes are whatever materials that I feel like using at that particular moment. They range from a tooth brush all the way to kitchen ladles and anything in between.
My paintings follow my mood and my intuition at that moment.
Finally, this process is complete, when YOU, the viewer interacts with the painting. What you see is ultimately what YOU Imagine, on a personal and exclusive scale.

¨Embark on an Artistic journey through the creative, the quirky, some aaha moments and a little bit into your self.
Own it, Cherish it and Showcase it as your Own. Now, don´t you think that is a Priceless idea to consider?¨


100,00 €Price
Color: yellow
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