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I dedicate ¨crown jewels¨ to my dearest sister/friend, advisor, confidant and a sweet and gentle human being, Martie Helweg , who I lost to the angels on May 7th, 2023.
She loved my artwork and always encouraged me to do something special with them. When Martie saw me making this artwork few years ago, she called it "the crown". She loved it so much she wanted me to make a scarf out of it.
Here´s to you, Martie! Thank you for being part of my life for these precious 5+ years.

Welcome to an Intuitive, Imaginative and Interactive Art Experience.
Here, my paint brush is my trusted camera. I love exploring the extraordinary in the ordinary with it every day of my life.

¨Embark on an Artistic journey through the creative, the quirky, some aaha moments and a little bit into your self.
Own it, Cherish it and Showcase it as your Own. Now, don´t you think that is a Priceless idea to consider?¨


100,00 €Price
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