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Our Cruelty-Free Silk Scarves

Our Cruelty-Free Silk Scarves

Our Cruelty-Free Silk Scarves

Our Cruelty-Free Silk Scarves

Our Amma´s Atelier Collection

AMMA- MY MOM 1_edited.jpg

My inspiration for starting this collection are my dear parents. For the past 30 years, my mom (fondly called ´Amma´ by those around her) , along with the undying support from my dad, has been guiding, teaching, counselling and uplifting young underprivileged girls and women in our neighborhood in Hyderabad, India. It all started when she noticed that there were these young girls, who were basically ignored by the society and sometimes even by their own families, with no basic education or purpose in their lives. They were forced to take up menial tasks like trash collecting, street cleaning, etc. just to make ends meet.


My mom started calling them over to our house and started teaching them what she had been proficiently doing all her life: Sewing. Thus was formed, her unofficial atelier, which soon became a revolving door of eager young girls and women seeking guidance and whatever knowledge they could grasp. Soon, her empowering actions grew into councelling and mentoring of life skills to help them develop their

imagination, education, career and ultimately their status in life.

The Amma´s Atelier Collection is all about how, with her careful guidance, education,  and supervision, these young women slowly and steadily began standing out in their own right as experts in fashion, all done via responsible waste reducing and recycling means. Using innovative materials and methods, these women began upcycling, thus collectively redefining and re-imagining art, sustainability and slow fashion.

The result is a kaleidoscope of artistry in designs and timeless products that range from scrunchies, bouquets, make-up kits, handbags, vests, table runners, wallhangers, bed covers, and so much more, all carrying my own joyful and colorful intuitive artwork in more ways than we could imagine.


Love is in the Wear

We Care For You. We´re a Pair

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