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I was at this run down mosque in Ajmer, India. While I was still composing my shot, this girl approached into my frame, sat down and began praying silently. I waited until she rose up.
The bright midday sunlight washing over this beautiful space seemed to embrace her too. Seeing this magical moment, I am reminded of the beautiful Sanskrit "Gayatri Mantra", which goes like this:
¨Glory to the supramental, all embracing light. May your illumination flood every nook and corner of our being and raise us all into the enlightened spirits that we are meant to be."

¨Hello Anu. How lucky was I to have a chance meeting with you, here in india. A simple conversation about Art, led me to discover that you are an excellent artist. The moment I saw the image of "Midday Prayer Hour", I knew I had to have it. I instantly wanted to be you, where I would have witnessed this image with my own eyes. I love the idea that you respected the girl´s private moment and simply waited.
I would have loved to feel that quiet peace. Anu, you are such a gifted photographer and I am so very privileged to have this artwork in my home. I will look after it forever."
- Love Sharon Harris.
Art Collector, Australia


100,00 €Price
Color: white
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