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Why paint on a dry leaf? Because it is so much fun!
This medium has taught me to respect not only what I want to paint on it but also what it slowly reveals to me in its colors, textures, delicate feel and most of all, it´s mood. I have realized that it is not just about what I want to paint that is important. It is also what my beautiful leaf wants me to reveal through itself. It is a delicate dance between my brush and the leaf as they reveal my inner feelings to me via the visuals.
As I was painting this painting, I could see the desert fairy emerging through the leaf in the colors and textures.
Welcome to an Intuitive, Imaginative and Interactive Art Experience. My paintings begin on leaf, plate and any surface that I feel comfortable painting on.
My brushes are whatever materials that I feel like using at that particular moment. They range from a tooth brush all the way to kitchen ladles and anything in between.
My paintings follow my mood and my intuition at that moment.
Finally, this process is complete, when YOU, the viewer interacts with the painting. What you see is ultimately what YOU Imagine, on a personal and exclusive scale.

¨Embark on an Artistic journey through the creative, the quirky, some aaha moments and a little bit into your self.
Own it, Cherish it and Showcase it as your Own. Now, don´t you think that is a Priceless idea to consider?¨


100,00 €Price
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